September 29 + 30, 2020
Stuttgart, Germany
Emmanuelle Saux


Booth No. 18, List-Saal

5 Rue Copernic
81000 Albi

Safra is manufacturer of an urban bus, the Businova, an electrical hybrid plug-in bus, with an innovated motorisation and design. 2 Models 10,5m and 12m, and 3 motorisations, electric hybrid plug-in, full electric or fuel cell.

Product Highlights:

The Businova H2 is an electric urban bus with a hydrogen range extender. The 250 kW electric traction chain is powered by a 132 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The fuel cell is supplied by Symbio / Michelin and the system incorporates a storage of 30 kg of hydrogen at 350 bar, which allows to cover a range greater than 300 km per day. The hydrogen module is built around a 30 kW fuel cell. The architecture of the Businova H2 also offers significant passenger capacity while maintaining the innovative and attractive design of the vehicle.


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