September 14 + 15, 2021
Stuttgart, Germany
 LIWO Pr├╝fautomation

LIWO Pr├╝fautomation

Booth No. 35, List-Saal

Hutt-Keller-Stra├če 2
73642 Welzheim

LIWO automated testing: The specialist for your industry LIWO automated testing has been familiar with the processes, testing methods and quality requirements of the automotive, pharmaceutical, medical technology, gas and water technology, mechanical engineering and semiconductor production industries for decades and has developed efficient system concepts for these industries. Our process competence: - LEAK TEST: - Pressure difference test - Tracer gas test (helium, hydrogen, SF6) up to 900 bar test pressure - Nitrogen detection (patented NID method) - HYDRAULIC TESTS - ELECTRICAL TESTS - FUNCTIONAL TESTS, (e.g. burst tests and flow tests) - ASSEMBLY PROCESSES AND PALLETIZING

Product Highlights:

LIWO has recognized the potential of electromobility for years and has been involved with the technologies at a very early stage. In the field of hydrogen technology, we have implemented leak testing projects for bipolar plates, fuel delivery modules, high-pressure solenoid valves and inner tank valves. Furthermore, test benches for leak testing of battery cells were realized.


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  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Safety, testing and certification
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