September 14 + 15, 2021
Stuttgart, Germany


Booth No. 15, Eyth-Sall

Zaunergasse 4
2491 Steinbrunn n. Siedlung

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Your-Tool GmbH is an Austrian, family-run business that strives to perfect the production of precise parts and tools, consisting of a wide range of materials. Our experienced team of engineers research, develop and fine tune our production processes daily, to meet the demand of the industries that push for finer and tigther tolerances.

To achieve this, we use 3-axis, 5-axis milling and EDM machines known for their high-precision. With our tacticle and optical measurement systems from Zeiss and Mahr, we ensure that the finished product meets our customers requirements and expectations.

We are looking forward to presenting our company to the visitors of F-Cell 2020!

Product Highlights:

Embossing Tools for Bipolar Plates

Progress always begins with high standards.

We have set ourselves the goal of becoming the market leader for embossing tools used in the production of bipolar plates. Together with our customers we develop and improve our tools for bipolar plates to perfection.

To ensure this, Your Tool has invested massively in the most up to date equipment for high-precision manufacturing and measuring equipment in recent years. Hydrogen fuel cells are an environmentally friendly future technology and an alternative to fossil combustion engines for drive systems that run on renewable energy.

The longer service life and quality of our embossing tools guarantee that customers can produce bipolar plates of the highest quality that satisfies their demands.

By using the most modern, high-precision milling centers, together with our years of know-how, we are able to achieve an unprecedented quality in the field of hard milling. Therefore the embossing of bipolar plates with perfect plate flatness, highest contour accuracy and surface quality is possible.

Our reliable quality guarantees high quality products with the tightest tolerances.


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  • Fuel cell components
  • Product and system development
  • Machinery and plant engineering