September 29 + 30, 2020
Stuttgart, Germany
Mattia Pedrini

drivetek ag

Booth No. 40, List-Saal

Industriestraße 37
2555 Brügg

drivetek is a leading engineering service provider for application specific motion and electrical control technology . Our most outstanding expertise is in complete-system design: we develop hardware, software and electrical machines in-house. That’s how we can guarantee optimized systems with flawless operation.

Forward-looking system solutions start with system understanding, this approach allowed us to develop a specific Inverter for Fuel Cell Air Supply Systems based on Turbo Compressor Technology, the Multi Level High Speed Inveter.

drivetek draws its comprehensive system expertise in electrical drive technology and power electronics from its specialized technical knowledge in all subdisciplines, its wealth of experience and its conscious decision to adopt a broad perspective across a range of different fields.

Product Highlights:

MULTILEVEL HIGH SPEED INVERTER (MLI) Control Motors and generators up to 180'000 rpm. Speed safely under control – lower system costs for Fuel Cell Air Supply (FCAS) Thanks to drivetek’s multilevel technology, motor and generator speeds up to 180,000 rpm can be safely kept under control. The control technique and high PWM frequencies reached, result in considerably lower rotor losses in the electrical machine. Consequently leading to a significant reduction in system costs.


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  • fuel cell systems
  • passenger cars
  • aircrafts
  • light vehicles
  • special vehicles/working machines
  • trucks
  • vans
  • trains
  • ships and ports
  • busses