September 14 + 15, 2021
Stuttgart, Germany
COATEMA Coating Machinery GmbH

COATEMA Coating Machinery GmbH

Booth No. 47, List-Saal

Roseller Straße 4
41539 Dormagen

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH Coatema introduces its latest advancements in lab2fab roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet manufacturing equipment at f-cell Stuttgart 2020. For more than 40 years the innovative equipment manufacturer from Germany provides flexible and efficient one-stop-shop solutions for coating, printing and laminating. Our business strategy and value proposition has been focused on innovations for growing markets with new coating technologies requirements, such as printed electronics, sustainable packaging, membranes, renewables and medicine. Our product portfolio covers the full range from tabletop solution up to production lines. Since August 2018 Coatema is a member of the German-based ATH-Group, together with the companies KROENERT (equipment for converting and technical films) DRYTEC (dryer systems) and ZAE (drive systems). These combined competencies allow us to offer our costumers high end state-of-the art solutions for their processes. In our 1200 sqm R&D center our customers can perform basic research, process development and the production of pilot and small production quantities, using 13 different machine platforms with over 20 application systems. With these technical facilities and our process development and R&D expert, Coatema provides the innovation needed for your products.

Product Highlights:

1. Precise and Versatile The Coatema Easycoater III sets a new standard for precision sheet coating and printing. The Coatema EC III is designed to produce samples, or low volume production output, of products ranging in dimensions from a few square centimeters to a square meter. The primary design offers a blade over platen-table system with a slot die coating option. A flat screen printing function is included and an inkjet printing option is available. The EC III is designed to be the next-step, after handmade or bench-top sampling and can produce precise prototypes or finished products. The precision vacuum table is designed for the most demanding applications with the possibility of 1 % surface variance, depending on the substrate and application material. All functional components are motor driven and the overall unit is built on a heavy-duty precision stone core for stability. Optional curing, drying and other post-application option include: heated air, UV crosslinking and NIR radiation; all controlled by a Siemens S7 system. A unique enclosure design makes every part of the EC III easy to access. Solvent fumes are evacuated with an explosion proof exhaust system. Cleanroom versions and inert gas environments are available. 2. Unique on the market The most R2R lab units that are available today have the inherent problems of a relatively wide working width and a high through put speed. That’s where the Coatema Smartcoater fills the gap in the market. It‘s a versatile development tool for production processes on a small scale with working widths from 100 mm to 300 mm and a wide range of coating, printing and laminating applications and production speeds. Sophisticated products can be produced on the Smartcoater with a minimum use of substrate and chemistry. To reduce the setup time during test series the so called 6-in-1 coating module has been developed. This combined solution is unique on the market. Smartcoater proof of concept can be tested in our R&D centre in Germany. 3. Test Solution for sheet to sheet (S2S) coating The new Test Solution S2S combines very precise coating technology in a benchtop format and easy to use design. Main technical features comprise full operation of the device with only compressed air and a vacuum granite table. Substrate holder with high surface precision mounted on a stainless steel or granite frame and exchangeable coating units such as doctor blade or slot die. 4. Test Solution for roll to roll (R2R) The Test Solution R2R 2nd Generation with its continuous coating & laminating in one unit is ideally suited for small trial runs. 5. Versatility in use The versatile Coatema Coating Machinery Click&Coat® roll-to-roll substrate processing platform offers the ability to easily add, or exchange, processing modules in a few of minutes. Initially, a basic Click&Coat® tool might include a coating or printing module, a dryer and a lamination capability in widths from 300 mm to 1,000 mm. Then additional Click&Coat® modules can be easily added, at any time and to almost any extent. Coatema’s international award-winning module-to-module coupling and aligning hardware, combined with a proprietary Siemens S7 PLC software package and efficient three-wire connectors, makes the Click&Coat® concept ideal for expandable laboratory, pilot or production applications.


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