September 14 + 15, 2021
Stuttgart, Germany
FISCHER Fuel Cell Compressor AG

FISCHER Fuel Cell Compressor AG

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Ernst-Fischer-Weg 5
3360 Herzogenbuchsee

FISCHER Fuel Cell Compressor AG (FFCC) is aiming for global technological leadership in the field of air compressors for fuel cell technology. Based on our patented bearing technology, we have a high-tech product portfolio with potential for mass production. We believe in the long-term success of the hydrogen fuel cell and play a central role as a partner to the world's leading companies. FFCC is part of the FISCHER Spindle Group, the technology leader in precise, fast and powerful rotation, especially in precision spindle manufacturing. Present at six locations worldwide, 450 people work to ensure customer satisfaction through successful, innovative products and our outstanding service.

Product Highlights:

Top technology in rotation combined in one high-tech product - these are our turbo compressors. We get gaseous media moving and do so almost wear-free, without an external air supply and absolutely oil-free. Highest efficiency with maintenance-free, low-noise operation. The design with additional turbine for recuperation further improves the efficiency.