Julius Holsten


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Eupener Str. 165
50933 Köln


AREVA H2Gen develops, produces and distributes standardized and CE-certified PEM electrolysis plants for industrial applications and for the markets of mobility and storage of renewable energies, applications in the fields of electricity and gas network management/control energy, neighbourhood concepts, sector coupling, H2 mobility and filling stations. Based in Les Ulis (Greater Paris), AREVA H2Gen SAS draws on the unique knowledge of 30 years of research and development in the field of PEM technology.

Product Highlights:

AREVA H2Gen provides standardized and CE-certified electrolyzers in the range of 5 Nm³/h to 200 Nm³/h. We develop project-based systems up to the multi MW class, using existing concepts for electrolysis modules of the 2.5 MW and 5 MW power class. The heart of our systems is our own PEM stack technology.


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  • Electrolyzer
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen infrastructure
  • Sales & After Sales
  • Maintenance and service
  • Safety, testing and certification
  • Product and system development
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Off-grid systems
  • Residential storage solutions
  • Grid services
  • Power-to-Gas
  • Industrial storage solutions
  • Flexible sector coupling
  • Emergency power supply
  • Special vehicles/Working machines
  • Ships and Ports
  • Trucks
  • Trains
  • Busses