September 29 + 30, 2020
Stuttgart, Germany
Vanessa Weiß

EP Ehrler Prüftechnik Engineering GmbH

Booth No. 31

Wilhelm-Hachtel-Str. 8
97996 Niederstetten

We are full-service providers in test bench construction. Our focus is on flow, volume flow and mass flow measurement, temperature, pressure & humidity control or measurements of small gaseous quantities as well as high pressure testing. Our calibration laboratory is DAkkS accredited (according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 for volume and mass flow of flowing gases). We also offer factory calibrations of the measured variables temperature, humidity, absolute pressure, differential pressure and relative pressure. A DAkkS application procedure for these parameters has already been applied for. In order to meet the requirements of more complex thermal management in the field of e-mobility, we are working intensively on future topics and developing test bench solutions for battery and hydrogen technologies. The temperature control of the battery and power electronics plays an important role here, in particular the air conditioning and cooling in electric vehicles. The coolant and refrigerant-based cycle for electric vehicles is very complex. In this branch, too, the goal is to simulate the interaction of various components under real operating conditions in order to meet the requirements of tailored test bench measurement technology. Overview of some tests • Environmental simulation & thermal conditioning • Lifetime tests & functional testing • Battery simulation & battery cooling

Product Highlights:

RPD Reference gas meters The gold standard for low flow measurement The rotary positive displacement (RPD) reference gas meters GM4 and GM16 meet the highest demands on reliable and accurate reference gas flow measurement down to 0.01 m³/h. Working according to the positive displacement principle, two counter-rotating impellers are displacing a fixed volume from the inlet to the outlet of the meter with each full revolution. Due to their special, patent-pending impeller design pulsation free operation is realized. They reach an excellent measurement accuracy of 0.5 % MV + 0.005 % EV. Both versions are suited for operating pressures up to 6 bar gauge pressure. As the flow measurement is continuous, absolutely pulsation free and highly accurate, this RPD reference meters are the gold standard for low flow reference measurement.


  • Product and system development
  • Software
  • Training and education
  • Safety, testing and certification
  • Consulting
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Maintenance and service

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