September 14 + 15, 2021
Stuttgart, Germany

TACONIC International Ltd

Booth No. 33, List-Saal

Forest Park
N91 E1WD Mullingar

Taconic – Over 60 Years of Innovation Lester T. Russell, the acknowledged inventor of the process for applying PTFE to fiberglass fabric, founded Taconic in 1961. For the past six decades, Taconic has been dedicated to finding a better way to meet the needs of the global marketplace with high performance PTFE coated fabrics, tapes, belts and laminate materials. The goal is simple: deliver the best product to meet your needs on time and at a competitive price. Drawing on 60 years of experience and a commitment to creative innovation, Taconic’s dedicated staff will offer a solution for your processing and materials challenges. Our engineering and product design teams are pleased to meet with your design and operations teams to understand their problems and to develop solutions best suited to your challenges and applications. Our production and delivery teams understand the importance of a quality product delivered when you need it – and the reality that sometimes a situation needs an extra effort to solve a problem or deliver a needed product. Our production facilities and sales offices are strategically located in Europe (Ireland, Poland, Germany, UK & France) and the Americas (NY, California, Canada & Brazil) and our sales and customer service teams are committed to your success by responding quickly to ensure your questions are answered and your expectations are met. All of us at Taconic enjoy the opportunity to support your success and ours. Tell us your challenges and let us help you solve them!

Product Highlights:

Through collaborative projects our engineers can work with you to make your concept a reality via a streamlined process of material design, testing and manufacture. Fluoropolymer coating onto woven fabrics is our core competency. PTFE and Fiberglass Fabric are the base materials for many of the products Taconic produces. The benefits of PTFE coatings are proven - Durable, Low Friction, Non-stick Smooth Surface, UV Resistant, Chemical and Temperature Resistant, Stabile Under Heat and Pressure, Non-Flammable/UL 94 V-0. Product properties are many in relation to the coated surface and how it can be designed to meet customer needs, as well in terms of bespoke mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical characteristics. This allows our range of PTFE coated glass fabric and tapes be used in many applications such as automotive, aerospace, wind turbine, solar panel, composites, medical, food, packaging, transportation/security, chemical and many more. Taconic has the ability to coat both water-based polymers and solvent based epoxy onto a woven or non-woven substrate or onto films or foils. We can also apply a layer of silicone rubber as well as silicone or acrylic adhesives. Functional fillers can be added to adjust properties to meet your needs. We can also covert roll goods to narrow widths, or cut sheets, as well as finished fabricated conveyor belts with special joints/splices and edge reinforcements & guides. Multi-layer sheet laminates can also be produced with bonding to metal sheets & foils as well as carbon fiber. We also offer roll-to-roll lamination of multi-ply fabrics, films and foils. While Taconic has grown exponentially over the past 60 years, the original small business mission from 1961 remains the same – Become a world class supplier of high-performance materials and achieve world class status through exquisite customer service. Taconic welcomes new challenges and finds a better way. Let us help you find your best solutions.


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