September 29 + 30, 2020
Stuttgart, Germany
Niel Palmer

Emcara Gas Develop Inc.

Booth No. 36, List-Saal

67 Watson Rd S., Unit 3
N1L 1E3 Guelph, ON

As the provider of the only Long Trigger thermally activated Pressure Relief Device, Emcara Gas Development Inc is an innovator in the alternative gas industry. Established in 2010 and located in Guelph, Ontario, Emcara designs and manufactures devices for compressed natural gas and hydrogen systems that enhance safety, performance, reliability and system flexibility. Industries served include heavy vehicle, on-road bulk haul transport, rail, and ground storage. Emcara is uniquely positioned in the alternative fuels industry, receiving input from designers, manufacturers and end users. The information that we receive through various industry channels is leveraged to better our product designs and in turn, performance. In addition to safety products, Emcara provides consulting engineering services for systems and component design, predictive calculations, physical testing, and systems trouble-shooting. We are a one stop shop, from concept to design, to delivery of product and service.

Product Highlights:

Emcara designs and manufactures safety devices for compressed natural gas and hydrogen systems. Products include: long trigger thermally activated pressure relief devices, balanced actuator valves, stainless steel vent caps, engineering design and consulting services.


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  • fuel cell components
  • hydrogen storage
  • product and system development
  • consulting
  • industrial storage solutions
  • vans
  • trains
  • ships and ports
  • busses
  • passenger cars
  • special vehicles/working machines
  • trucks