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We realize your customized production line for the cost-effective production of metal bipolar plates. Based on our core competences forming, cutting and welding we have been among the leading developers and manufacturers of production lines for the cost-effective production of metal microstructure plates for more than 15 years. From engineering and prototyping services through small series production up to the customized production lines – we implement your customized solution tailored to your individual market demands. Today, we are one of the pioneering companies in the fuel cell sector when it comes to the production of separator plates. Based on our long-term development in the business area "New Technologies" we provide the know-how of the entire value-added chain for the production of highly precise and powerful separator plates for LT-PEM, HT-PEM, DMFC and SOFC fuel cells as well as for the LT-PEM electrolysis. Numerous application tests, including a Range Extender project for the Fiat 500, give proof of that. Microstructures have also become increasingly interesting for other fields of application: Above all for manufacturers of heat exchangers and developers of redox flow batteries. It is our commitment to make you better and provide you with the decisive competitive edge. So a Graebener® solution is no standard solution. A Graebener® solution is your individual solution tailored and customized to your requirements and needs. Graebener® is your chance to stand out from the standard. Machine the difference.

Product Highlights:

ENGINEERING AND PROTOTYPING TRIAL: More than 50 customer designs realized. More than 100,000 parts manufactured. Participated in more than 10 government sponsored projects. We help you push the limits of feasibility and achieve optimum results for your individual design – in the Graebener® Prototyping Center. For the prototyping trial, we have developed a patented machine concept – ideally suited for a wide range of plate dimensions and materials. We realize very narrow radii with a foil thickness from 50 µm. The experience gained in our Prototyping Center are an integral part of your individual solution, from the initial consultation, the feasibility study and the tool manufacturing up to the optimum forming process. These experiences are also consistently used for a later design and manufacturing of your series production line by transferring the process parameters of the prototyping trial to your Graebener® machine. This will provide you with the decisive competitive edge. SMALL SERIES PROTOTYPING OF METAL MICROSTRUCTURE PLATES: Before taking the next step and investing into your own Graebener® production system, we gladly support you with your first small series. We can effortlessly handle lot sizes of up to 50,000 parts per year for you. We also support you as reliable partner in case of later production peaks and help you with our own production systems. This way, we keep your risk to a minimum while at the same time paving the way for your maximum profit. GRAEBENER® HYDROFORMING PRESSES: We provide you with the most modern production technology for the forming of your metal microstructure plates – with the patented Graebener® hydroforming presses. Metal microstructures are more sought-after than ever before. However, for forming specialists, that means pushing the limits. Where conventional production processes fail, we are just beginning to leverage the strengths of our production technology. With the patented Graebener® hydroforming press, a problem-free forming of metal microstructure plates is possible. The Graebener® hydroforming press is the result of more than 15 years of development along the entire value-added chain of the production of metal microstructure plates based on our decades of know-how in the building of hydraulic presses. Each of our presses is unique, as individual as your plate design. Based on your design we offer you a hydroforming press which is optimally tailored to your requirements thus providing you with the decisive competitive edge. Patented tool technology: Thanks to our "sandwich" tool, you can simultaneously produce several plates per stroke. This way, you can simultaneously produce the cathode and anode side of a bipolar plate. GRAEBENER® MICRO-CUTTING AND WELDING SYSTEM: We reach optimum cutting and welding results for you. We not only form your microstructures, we also support you with the subsequent processes of cutting and welding as experienced technology and system partner – from prototyping trial to series production. With us, you do not receive a standard solution. As technology partner, we develop the optimum solution for your individual plate design together with you. Initial trials with our cutting and welding system will quickly give you significant results – from possibilities and limits of the process and clamping technology, ideal protection with inert gas to the customized automation solution for your own production. Based on our long-time know-how regarding the economic production of metal microstructure plates we recommend relying on the most modern laser scanner technology. This will ensure highly precise, economic and absolutely dependable results for you either in 2D planar cuts or in more sophisticated 3D cutting solutions, even with smallest foil thicknesses. A main advantage of the laser scanner technology in contrast to the conventional laser optics is the increased process speed. This way, speeds of up to 1 meter per second can be realized reliably when lap welding stainless steel foils with a thickness of 100 µm. To ensure a reliable result even with smallest structures we apply spot diameters of below 70 µm. In addition to this, we also put great value on positioning accuracy, repeat accuracy and long-term stability of your system. As a result, we provide you with a progressive and economic solution for your cutting and welding process which is ideally tailored to your requirements. SCALABLE PRODUCTION LINE: Whether you require the planning of a complete production line or the extension of your existing line, for us, the main focus of our planning will always be your individual component – your microstructure plate. In close cooperation with you, we realize your individual production line from the coil up to the joined microstructure plate. Future option – extension of your line: You are facing increasing requirements regarding output quantity or component geometry? Our concept will safely accompany you into the future. The modular structure of your line guarantees a cost-efficient extension of your production line. In the best case scenario, we will not even have to interrupt your operation for this purpose. All necessary process parameters of the extension modules will be determined beforehand in our Graebener® Prototyping Center. We provide you with more efficiency and more productivity. You get the best service and a reliable partner who understands your processes and develops the optimum solution for the market requirements together with you. Benefit from our decades of experience as special machine builder. Not only are we hydroforming pioneers, we are also among the trailblazers in the area of microstructure plates. Make our experience your strength.


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