f-cell Pitches

f-cell Pitches

You are interested in  knowledge and technology transfer, colaboration and international projects? You have a specific requirement for a planned or existing project?

Use this exciting f-cell format to present your idea, project or challenge to identify new partners and create synergies.

What are f-cell Pitches?

f-cell Pitches is an interactive session. Up to ten participants present their idea, project or challenge in a two-minute elevator pitch. The pitches are followed by a 30-minute matchmaking session, allowing for individual and group meetings to further discuss the specific requirements of the presenters. Thus creating meaningful new business connections.

Who can participate at f-cell Pitches?

The presentation of a two-minute elevator pitch is limited to exhibitors and sponsors of f-cell (first come first serve base).

The visit of the interactive session is open to all conference participants and visitors of f-cell.

Questions regarding f-cell Pitches?

Don't hesitate to contact me!