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Stuttgart, Germany

[EN] f-cell 2018: 1,000 zero emission commercial vehicles announced for Switzerland

Stuttgart, Deutschland, March 22, 2019

The 18th f-cell entered the homestretch with a brilliant finale: During the international networking meeting of the hydrogen sector in Stuttgart, H2 Energy announced the implementation of the world’s first fleet of fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles in Switzerland. "Green hydrogen" from the alpine nation is replacing diesel as a fuel.

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The 280 participants and 71 speakers of the 18th f-cell were quite impressed after two days of intensive discussions and networking. During the impulse summit, the good news accumulated: The EU energy ministers agreed on a hydrogen initiative. The first regional train powered by fuel cells became operational in Northern Germany. “The business climate is significantly improving with every new hydrogen project. The long-term approach, which the hydrogen “scene” has demonstrated since 2001 with f-cells, is finally paying off. Moreover, we are now using the momentum and, for the first time, are heading to Canada in 2019 with f-cell,” says Peter Sauber, CEO of Peter Sauber Agentur Messen und Kongresse GmbH.


H2 Energy and Hyundai announce green hydrogen for a fleet of 1,000 fuel cell commercial vehicles

As early as next year, the first emission-free Hyundai heavy goods commercial vehicles with 34-ton – and shortly thereafter – 40-ton permissible total weight will begin traveling in Switzerland. H2 Energy, the energy supplier Alpiq and other partners supplie the required green hydrogen – via water electrolysis. “In collaboration with Hyundai, we want to replace diesel with green hydrogen in the coming four to five years and replace 1,000 conventional heavy goods commercial vehicles with fuel cell commercial vehicles,” stated Rolf Huber, President of the Administrative Board at H2 Energy during f-cell. “In doing so, we are fully orienting ourselves toward our customers and are completely market-financed. The government would be well advised to shift focus from research to paving a feasible path toward the implementation of the “green” hydrogen economy for the industrial sector, customers, and users.”


Development for the “gigawatt industry”

The fundamental study “Industrialisierung der Wasserelektrolyse IndWEDe [Industrialization of Water Electrolysis in Germany]” was also presented at f-cell. The expertise created on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI [Bundesministeriums für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur]) and coordinated by NOW GmbH (Nationale Organisation für Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellentechnologie [National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology]) considers the opportunities and challenges for sustainable hydrogen for transportation, power, and heating. The authors of the study from the Frauenhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE for the production technology and automation of IPA as well as E4tech emphasize that the electrolysis sector must evolve toward a gigawatt industry in order to reach the climate goals of the federal government. The technical-economic feasibility to perform water electrolysis at an industrial scale almost exists, but the required regulatory framework conditions are still lacking in order to competitively carry out the electrolysis. The 41 international exhibiting companies, as well as the 71 speakers, represented at f-cell impressively demonstrated the current technological competences required for this with their product portfolios.


September 2019: f-cell with the “Hydrogen Challenge”

A special Dutch-European co-production is being announced for the 19th f-cell on September 10–11 in Stuttgart: a “Hydrogen Challenge” race with fuel cell passenger cars also starting from the Netherlands through Southwest Germany, France, and Switzerland. “We are very proud to cooperate with f-cell again in September 2019. Our challenges demonstrate to experts and newcomers to hydrogen the limitless enthusiasm in hydrogen-powered travel and open a variety of doors in the general mobility market,” explains Bastiaan du Pré, one of the founders and directors of the Hydrogen Challenge.


May 2019: New inlet into Canada!

Starting in 2019, f-cell will take place twice annually in order to highlight the growing importance of hydrogen and fuel cell technology for the CleanTech sector in the Asian Pacific and European Economic Area. In cooperation with the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA), the f-cell will be held in May in Vancouver on the Canadian Pacific coast and in September in Stuttgart.

  • May 2019: “f-cell+HFC” (May 22+23, 2019, Vancouver)
  • September 2019: “19th f-cell” (September 10+11, 2019, Stuttgart)


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