September 14 + 15, 2021
Stuttgart, Germany


The following partners were supporting f-cell in form and content. Giving this event the necessary basis for a strong industry platform – by experts for experts. We therefore would like to thank all our partners and media partners for their input and support in maintainig the high quality of f-cell over the last 20 years.

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Partners 2021

Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Association

Established in December 2019, the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Association is the leading industry association for the hydrogen sector in Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific Hydrogen acts as the regional platform for all stakeholders in the hydrogen industry to collectively promote the best interests of the hydrogen sector. Our members include utilities, power project developers, equipment manufacturers, technical consultants, financial institutions, regional associations and other institutions in the hydrogen sector.


Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector

Energy policy, protecting the environment and mitigating climate change are challenges on a global scale. This is why we attach such importance to International Cooperation in Europe and worldwide. You will find information on our website on our work in the European Union (EU), within the framework of the EU’s Strategy for the Danube Region, The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and our international cooperation in Europe and beyond.


Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is a national, non-profit association that supports Canadian corporations, governments and educational institutions that are developing, demonstrating and deploying hydrogen and fuel cell products and services in Canada. Our members work on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, components, systems supply and integration, fuelling systems, fuel storage, and engineering and financial services. The mission of the CHFCA is to champion the Canadian hydrogen and fuel cell sector, strengthen its leadership and accelerate the commercialization of members’ products and services in Canada and abroad.

CHFCE 2021

The China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference & Exhibition (CHFCE) is China’s first and most important professional, large-scale, high-level conference and exhibition, covering the whole hydrogen and fuel cell industry chain. It is organized by the China Machinery Industry Federation and the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association. CHFCE has been held annually in Beijing since 2016. For 2021, the event takes place September 29 to October 1. and is co-located with Auto China Tianjin 2021.


CODE_n is cross-industry innovation platform for entrepreneurs, ambitious founders, and established companies. Its focus is promoting new and sustainable digital business models. Further, CODE_n is the responsible body of one of 12 Digital Hubs in Germany, a title awarded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


German Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Association

The Deutscher Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Verband (DWV) is the umbrella organization for hydrogen and fuel-cell technology in Germany. The DWV coordinates between persons and firms that are interested, disseminates information to technicians, the media and decision-makers in politics, and lobbies for hydrogen technology in Germany. In so doing the DWV works in close cooperation with partner organizations in other countries.

e-mobil BW

State Agency for New Mobility Solutions and Automotive Baden-WĂĽrttemberg

e-mobil BW GmbH is the innovation agency and competence centre of the State of Baden-WĂĽrttemberg for new mobility solutions and automotive. In a network with partners from industry, universities and public institutions, it takes a hand in shaping the future for an automated, connected and electric mobility in a viable energy system. Open to all kind of technologies, e-mobil BW GmbH acts as a driver in the industrialisation, market launch and application of sustainable, climate compatible and locally zero-emission mobility solutions. To this effect, it strengthens the Land Baden-WĂĽrttemberg as an industrial and science centre.

Fast concepts

Founder Arjan de Putter has a background in Automotive Engineering, marketing and communication as well as ICT. He's an entrepreneur with a strong passion for cars. With his knowledge and background he wants to help to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility by creating innovative events.


The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association

FCHEA is a national trade association that represents the leading companies and organizations that are advancing innovative, clean, safe, and reliable energy technologies. FCHEA members represent the global supply chain of the fuel cell and hydrogen energy industry, including fuel cell manufacturers and component companies, industrial gas suppliers, automakers, energy companies, non-profits, associations, and others. FCHEA drives support and provides a consistent industry voice to regulators and policymakers. Our educational efforts promote the environmental and economic benefits of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies.


The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) is a unique public private partnership supporting research, technological development and demonstration (RTD) activities in fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies in Europe. Its aim is to accelerate the market introduction of these technologies, realising their potential as an instrument in achieving a carbon-clean energy system. The three members of the FCH JU are the European Commission, fuel cell and hydrogen industries represented by Hydrogen Europe and the research community represented by Hydrogen Europe Research.

H2 Chile

Chilean Hydrogen Association

It was founded in 2018 as non-profit industry association. Its objective is to accelerate the energy transition by promoting hydrogen and its use as an energy vector in industrial, commercial,
residential and mobility applications. It intends to position Chile as one of the leading countries in the production and export of green hydrogen. The members come from the private, public and academic sectors with 45 professionals and 39 leading companies. With the current associates, H2 Chile can cover the entire green hydrogen value chain.

Hydrogen Europe

Hydrogen Europe is the European association representing the interest of the hydrogen and fuel cell industry and its stakeholders. We promote hydrogen as the enabler of a zero-emission society. With more than 110 companies, 68 research organisations and 16 national associations as members, our association encompasses the entire value chain of the European hydrogen and fuel cell ecosystem collaborating in the Fuel Cell Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU). We are a Brussels-based association fostering knowledge and pushing for fact-based policy making ensuring that the European regulatory framework enables the role of Hydrogen in our society.


International Association for Hydrogen Energy

The International Association for Hydrogen Energy stimulates the exchange of information in Hydrogen Energy through its conferences and sponsorship of international workshops, short courses and conferences. In addition, the Association endeavors to inform the general public of the important role of Hydrogen Energy as a permanent solution to global warming and urban pollution. Because of its mission, IAHE supports all hydrogen energy related activities, including fuel cells related activities, since the fuel cells are the energy conversion devices of the hydrogen energy system.


Towards Zero Emission Mobility

NOW GmbH advocates a comprehensive concept of clean and efficient electric mobility in an integrated energy system with the key technologies battery, hydrogen and fuel cell. With its technical expertise, NOW coordinates funding programmes in the field of alternative fuels and drives as well as advising the German government in these areas. It analyses and evaluates relevant projects and studies, develops strategies for implementing new and existing programmes and instruments, and provides input on the regulatory framework at national and European levels.

Women in Green Hydrogen

Women in Green Hydrogen is a network that aims to increase the visibility of women in the green hydrogen sector. We are a platform to connect and empower professionals from all around the world, to change and to shape a more diverse and inclusive discourse in the green hydrogen world.


Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation

The Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH or WRS) is the central point of contact for investors and companies in the city of Stuttgart and the five surrounding districts. We make the qualities of the business location known, support companies in the settlement and promote the development of the location with numerous projects and offers.

Media Partners 2021


AltEnergyMag is an Online Trade Magazine full of News, Articles and Interviews covering the trends and breakthroughs in the Alternative Energy industry, with an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization.

ATZ - Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift

ATZ and MTZ are the leading international technology magazines for decision-makers in automotive development and production. They are a must-read for technology-oriented management in the automotive industry and promote the transfer of information and the exchange of ideas between the automotive industry and their suppliers, service companies and research and development centers all over the world. With the well-founded background information of proven experts from industry and science, you can build a solid bridge between theory and practice.

DVV Media Group

DVV Media Group is the leading German specialist publisher for transport, mobility and logistics. Its portfolio includes specialist information in print, digital and with events for all transport sectors. This includes DVZ Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung for transport and logistics, specialist media such as NaNa and DER NAHVERKEHR for public transport, a wide range of products for the railway sector under the brand Eurailpress, and Schiff&Hafen for maritime technology. With the EID Energie Informationsdienst as well as the new premium newsletter H2weekly Mobility, the link between energy and mobility and thus explicitly also the topic of hydrogen is covered in a unique way.

The news service is the leading publication for the electric transport industry in Europe and beyond. We follow the development of e-mobility and its infrastructure since 2013, always driven by journalistic passion and expertise. Our stories engage on multiple platforms – newsletter, website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and live at events. Subscribe to the daily newsletter and follow us on the path to the future of transport!


EuroHeat&Power is well established within German, West- and East European Markets of Cogeneration, District Heating and Cooling. In German and English language they are the only Trade magazines covering the whole process chain of the industry for Power Plant Technologies, Pipe Laying, Network Construction/Operation, Heat Substations, Heat Metering and Accounting.

ew – Magazin für die Energiewirtschaft

For 120 years ew – Magazin für die Energiewirtschaft is the most traditional magazine and a must-read for decision-makers in the power supply industry. High competence of the editorial team and the target group adequate mix of technical contributions, news, interviews, discussions and background information make ew indispensable for the energy branch.


For over 20 years, the team at FuelCellsWorks has been the industry leader in publishing the most relevant and up-to-date information on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells available. Our goal is to ensure that our content is easy to understand and widely applicable to the FuelCellsWorks community and beyond. It’s meant to be as comprehensive and relevant as possible, as we believe these principles are necessary for the industry thrive. We continue to grow and innovate our platform so that we can spread our message and help our planet transition from fossil fuels and reduce the carbon footprint.

h2 international

H2-international is a blog, a newsletter and an e-journal. The blog offers news and detailed information on the latest research results and other developments in hydrogen and FC technology. The newsletter appears monthly and is published cost-free via the internet and it contains headlines and teasers. The e-journal on hydrogen and fuel cells is linked to the German language magazine for hydrogen and fuel cells, HZwei, which contains reports from specialist journalists and well-known scientists on technical and policy developments and demonstration projects. Coverage includes topics from German-language regions, with numerous articles on international activities.

H2 Tech Report

H2 Tech Report provides hydrogen and fuel cells news and tech updates, as well as information on jobs, careers and training opportunities in the industry.
Our first goal is connecting businesses with the new generation of workers that will serve as the backbone of the hydrogen economy. Our second goal, equally as important, is connecting a new generation of prospective researchers, students and trainees with the right institutions, all in the name of clean energy education and research. Formed in 2020, it is based in Rome, Italy.

H2 View

H2 View is a new content and information service dedicated to the development and acceleration of the hydrogen economy. H2 View is committed to exploring a future where hydrogen is a key solution for the global energy transition. Built around three core pillars of mobility, power and technology, it provides the platform for news, views and analysis throughout the hydrogen energy supply chain. The H2 View team draws upon its inherent knowledge of the hydrogen value chain to deliver informed knowledge and expertise in the ever-growing business of hydrogen. This expertise and authority is backed up by an Editorial Advisory Board of key stakeholders, including two representatives from the Hydrogen Council.


HZwei is the leading magazine for hydrogen and fuel cells in Europe. It informs by means of detailed scientific reports, technical papers and numerous up-to-date articles about the development in the hydrogen and fuel cell technology. The main focus is on qualitative high-grade and simultaneously understandable reports from approved experts of economic, politic, research and development. HZwei is published quarterly and available by subscription all over the world. The magazine is furthermore distributed on relevant fairs and congresses, at R&D-Institutes, at colleges as well as at associations, authorities and industrial enterprises. The magazine is for readers, who are interested in technology, search for detailed information about hydrogen and fuel cells and look for further education.


The IJHE aims to provide a central vehicle for the exchange and dissemination of new ideas, technology developments and research results in the field of Hydrogen Energy between scientists and engineers throughout the world. The emphasis is placed on original research, both analytical and experimental, covering all aspects of Hydrogen Energy, including production, storage, transmission, utilization, enabling technologies, environmental impact, economic and international aspects of hydrogen, and hydrogen carriers such as NH3, CH4, alcohols, etc.


netzpraxis is the only magazine that deals with all questions of planning, constructing, operation and maintenance of grids. Since 9/2018 every issue includes a special part SONNE WIND&WAERME with information for the integration of renewable energies in the public power grids.

Newsletter Wasserstoff + Brennstoffzelle

Newsletter Hydrogen + Fuel Cells

Every week, the editorial staff of the Hydrogen + Fuel Cell newsletter provides you with the latest information from industry, science and politics on hydrogen and fuel cells. In addition, the independent journalists Susanne Adler and Martin Fuhrmann take over your press and PR work, prepare specialist articles and develop tailor-made communication concepts. Order now 4 issues of the newsletter free of charge and without obligation at

pv magazine

Since its initial publication in 2008, pv magazine has evolved into the top international magazine for solar decision makers and is now leading the global solar media market. pv magazine is expanding its position as the number one global knowledge platform. The media portfolio from pv magazine rounds off its comprehensive digital range with the daily newsletter and the most current news on

Shmuel De-Leon

Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd. is a leading company in the field of power sources knowledge. The company provides comprehensive collection of power sources knowledge tools and services: Consulting services, Market research reports, Energy Storage (Batteries, Fuel cells and EV) seminars and conferences, Battery safety training, Energy storage (Batteries, FC & EV) Weekly newsletter, Energy Sources On-Line web DataBase (batteries, fuel cells, capacitors and more...), Power sources solutions, Representing Energy Storage testing and research equipment companies in Israel.

Sustainable Bus

Sustainable Bus is a headlight on future mobility. It is the only international media fully focused on clean buses and sustainability in the field of public transport. Sustainable Bus is a network composed of a website updated daily with the last news, biweekly newsletters and social network channels, in order to meet the needs of a broad and diverse public. The network belongs to the editorial platform of Vado e Torno Edizioni and devotes attention to product news, tenders, experiences, case studies, market trends, international exhibitions and congresses.

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