September 29 + 30, 2020
Stuttgart, Germany

PFEIFFER FRAGT – Der Polit.Talk: “Last Exit Hydrogen – How much e-mobility do we need for the German Verkehrswende?”

Talk-show host Jürgen Pfeiffer and his guests will be kicking-off “f-cell 2019” with a high-level debate (in German), taped for TV

September 9, 2019, doors open at 7pm, talk starts at 8pm

Recent polls and studies show: On the one hand, saving the climate is a very important issue for 64% of the German population. But on the other hand, the everyday-decisions of consumers, travellers and cardrivers prove clearly the contrary within the past decade: Co2-emission figures, caused by the traffic sector, have even been climbing up 1,6 %, up to 18,5% in total, according to the Umweltbundesamt.

But what will be the appropriate way to efficiently decarbonize society within the next 20 years? Volkswagen has recently announced to invest the enormous sum of 30 Billion EUR during the next 4 years in pushing e-mobility products and infrastructure, Daimler is working on a global network of 9 battery factories around their assembly lines for future electric driven SUV´s – but the People´s Republic of China decided to shift gears and follow another technical path:

The future of automotive mobility in the Celestial Empire belongs to hydrogen driven fuel cell cars – subventions for battery fabrics have been already cut down. 11 Billion EUR of investments in fuel cell technology have been already made since 2018.

But where do we stand? Where is the masterplan for Germany and Europe? Are we shapeing up properly for the electric future and take our chances? “Last Exit Hydrogen” is the main question for Jürgen Pfeiffers high level-panel on the evening before “f-cell 2019” is opening its doors.

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