September 29 + 30, 2020
Stuttgart, Germany

Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions of contract


1. Contract content

The following terms and conditions of c­ontract apply to renting and furnishing stand space as well as participating in the conference. This will be organized by Peter Sauber Agentur Messen und Kongresse GmbH, Stuttgart, hereinafter referred to as the Organizer.


2. Concluding a contract

Orders are to be placed in writing. Following confirmation by the Organizer, the contra­ct is brought about between the party placing an order for stand space and the Organizer

Fair: Exhibitors are only permitted to exhibit products that are stated in the registration pursuant to the product and services list. If stand confirmation is is­sued following a verbal agreement and an order pla­ced for a stand, the content in that respect will be deemed to have become the content of the contract. The Exhibitor is to notify the Organizer in writing without delay of his objection to variations that may apply. The Organizer m­ay exclude the Exhibitor from participating in the fair for reasons supported by facts, in particular if the available space is insufficient.


3. Prices

The prices stated on this homepage apply.

Fair: Each square meter used in the fair shall be rounded up to the next whole square meter. Supports and pillars are included in such calculations.


4. Stand places at the fair

The Organizer endeavors to make the requested stand available to the Exhibitor. In the interest of allocating stand space ideally at the fair, the Organizer may, however, allocate to the Exhibitor ano­ther space in the same category and size. The Exhibitor must expect that a nominal restriction in relation to the stand may apply. At most this can be 10 cm in terms of the stand breadth and depth, and does not ju­stify a reduction in the stand rent.


5. Cancellation / cancellation fees

If a cancellation is granted following a binding, confirmed, registration, 75 % of the invoice amount shall be payable as compensation of costs. From 6 weeks prior to the event 100 % of the invoice amount will be payable.

Conference: Potential program changes do not justify a cancellation. The latest program version can be found online. A representative may be named.

Fair: If the stand cannot be otherwise rented, the Exhibitor shall not have any claim to a reduction in the stand rent. Among other things, the Organizer is entitled to ter­minate the contract without notice if an application is filed for bankruptcy or composition proceedings against the Exhibitor, if such proceedings are instituted or if the Exhibitor has discontinued payments or claims against the Exhi­bitor resulting from past events have not been settled for a period in excess of three months.


6. Fair set-up and dismantling

In the case of stands that are not used on the day prior to the start of the event by 6.00 p.m., the Organizer will be entitled to use these. The Exhibitor is to re­imburse the Organizer for the customary and rea­sonable expenses incurred by the Organizer in this respect subject to the furnishing of proof. No stand may be clear­ed prior to the end of the event. Exhibitors acting in contravention of this must pay a contractual penalty in the sum of the entire stand rent.


7. Fair stand design

The Organizer has specified guidelines for the stand design, which have binding force for the Exhibition, to guarantee a good overall impression. These documents will be made available to the Exh­ibitor in good time prior to the start of the event.

Exhibitors are required to set up their stands at a certain distance from neighboring stands. Roll-ups and poster displays are not permitted as a stand partition. If an Exhibitor has not kept a certain distance from a neighboring st­and, the Exhibitor shall be invoiced for such partitioning.

The rented space must be equipped with a floor covering. If the Exhibitor fails to equip the rented space with corresponding floor covering, the Org­anizer will be entitled to lay such floor covering and invoice the Exhibitor accordingly.


8. Running a fair stand

The Exhibitor undertakes to provide personnel and goods for the stand during the entire period of the fair. Any kind of advertising, the distribution of printed matter or approaching visitors are only permitted within the stand. Operating optical and acoustic advertising vehicles is subject to approval by the Organizer and such approval may be revoked at any time.


9. Technical fair services

The Organizer shall provide the general heating, cooling and lighting. The Exhibitor shall be charged separately for any additional costs not included in the package.


10. Terms and conditions of payment

The participation fee (stand rent, package price and/or ticket charge) is payable following receipt of the invoice and prior to ­the start of the event pursuant to the terms and conditions of payment stated in the invoice.

Conference: On-site registration with immediate payment is possible.

Fair: The Organizer may otherwise dispose of the stands for which payment has not been received in full following a warning issued in vain and a corresponding announcement. In such a case, the Organiz­er may refuse to surrender the stand.


11. Disposal

The Exhibitor is responsible for the cleaning of, and disposal of waste at, his fair stand provided a package has not been booked. The Exhibitor undertakes to separate the created waste according to the different types pursuant to the statutory requirements and holds responsibility in that respect.

If the Exhibitor equips the rented stand space with floor covering, this must be removed in its entirety when the stand is dismantled. The Organizer reserves the right to invoice the Exhibitor for the cleaning, and where applicable, maintenance costs in the event that a residue remains following removal of the floor covering.

All waste must be removed from the premises in the evening of each set-up and dismantling day.


12. Reservations

If based on the Organizer’s experience it becomes clear that the event cannot provide the desired success for the Customer due to a lack of participants, the Organizer may postpone the event so that it can be held at a more favorable time or cancel it.

Unforeseen events, force majeure such as natural disasters, strikes and epidemics etc. which render the scheduled holding of the event impossible, and which are not the Organizer’s res­ponsibility, entitle the Organizer to

* Cancel the event prior to the official start. If the event needs to be cancelled more than 6 weeks, at most, however, 3 months, prior to the specified start, 25 % of the invoice amount will be imposed as a contribution towards costs. If the event is cancelled in the last 6 weeks prior to the start of the event, the contribution t­owards costs increases to 50 %. In addition, the costs already incurred as a result of participating in the fair are to be paid by the participant. If the event needs to be closed as a result of force majeure or admi­nistrative measures, all costs payable by the participant shall be borne by the participant in full.

* Postpone the event in terms of time. Participants who furnish proof that as a resu­lt dates clash with another event that they have alr­eady arranged on a fixed basis may be released from the ev­ent.

* Shorten the event. The participants cannot request that they be released from the contract. The booking f­ee shall not be reduced. In any case, the Organizer is to make such serious decisions at the earliest possible opportunity. Claims for dam­ages are excluded for both contracting parties in any case.

13. Guarantee

The participant is to provide notification without delay of material defects or faults, or the cessation of warranted characteristics. The participant may, at his own discretion, only terminate the contract without notice or request a reduction in the remuneration if the Organizer fails to provide remedial action within a reasonable period, if remedial action is not possible or if it is refused. This does not affect Section 559 BGB (German Civil Code). Warranty claims fall under the statute of limitations six months after they have arisen.


14. Exemption from liability

The Organizer does not assume any duty of care for the exhibition items, setting up the stand and valuables, and excludes any liability for damage in that respect, including damage to exhibitors’ employees, apart from cases of intent or gross negligence. An organizer’s third party liability insurance contract has been concluded providing cover against customary, insurable, risks that apply to the event premises such as fire, burglary and water damage.

Fair: Each exhibitor is recommended to make arrangements to have their individual risks covered at their own cost.


15. Subletting/prohibition on assignment

Without approval granted by the Organizer, the Exhibitor is not entitled to sublet the stand allocated to the Exhibitor in full or in part, or otherwise surrender it, exchange it or accept orders on be­half of other companies. The Exhibitor is prohibited from assigning to third parties potential claims against the Organizer.

16. Photography and other image recording

The host has the right to produce or have produced

picture and sound recordings as well as drawings of

exhibition articles or own exhibits for the purposes of

documentation or own publications. This also applies

for recorded persons.


17. Setting off/retention

The right on the part of the Exhibit­or to set off and by the same token retain amounts is excluded unless the participant’s claims are not disputed or has become res judicata.


18. Right of lien

To secure its claims, the Organizer reserves the right to exercise the renter’s lien and sell the pledged property in the open market following a written announcement.


19. Statute of limitations

With the exception of warranty claims (Item 13), all mutual claims made by the contracting parties will fall under the statute of limitations two years after they have arisen.


20. Place of performance/place of jurisdiction

The location at which the Organizer has its corporate headquarters is deemed the place of performance. This also applies to the place of jurisdiction if the Exhibitor is a general merchant or a legal person under public law or does not have a general pl­ace of jurisdiction in the country.


21. Other provisions

The building rules that apply to the event venue, and all other provisions made available to the participant prior to the start of the event, are integral parts of this contract. The implementation provi­sions that apply at the event venue similarly have binding force for the participants and exhibitors. All agreements, individual author­izations and special regulations are subject to written approval by the Organizer. The potential invalidity of one of the aforementioned contract clauses does not affect the validity of the other contract clauses. Reprinting, including excerpts, is not permitted.



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